Friday, July 1, 2016

Where You Been, Man?

So yes, I dropped off the face of the Earth for a bit.  When we purchased #10242 I sailed a 1977 CS27 called Ravat which I'd just completed a 3 year refit project on.  The boat was essentially done, and required very little time other than, well, sailing!  Unexpectedly, my wife caught the sailing bug and decided that she wanted a boat with bigger side decks and more living space below decks.  We ended up selling Ravat, and purchasing a gorgeous Beneteau First 310.

As with just about any new boat, even the ones in excellent condition take some time to get into the sort of shape and configuration that you want.  I've been really busy doing just that, as well as keeping her pretty busy with a 30+ race per year schedule.  This has cut into my Lightning time.

The good news is, I'm pretty deep into this new boat's to-do list, and am starting to get some time back to return to Anyela.  Hoping to have some progress to report shortly as I get back into nibbling off pieces of the Lightning project list.

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