Friday, July 1, 2016

New Ribs Fabricated

After a way-too-long sabbatical from Lightning work, I finally finished fabricating new ribs for Anyela.  They are made from 5/4 western red cedar planed down slightly to match the original boards.

After removing the failed fiberglass laminate, I traced the original ribs, then cut templates from cardboard, and laid them out on the fresh lumber.  A jigsaw was used to cut the pieces out.  The pieces were then gang-sanded on a belt sander, and drum sander until more or less even.  My last step was to hit them with a 1/2" round-over bit on the router table.  This will allow the fiberglass cloth to have a nice surface to adhere to without the sharp corners which create pockets in the laminate.

My next step will be to thoroughly clean the hull that's been sitting for a while, wipe down with acetone, and then start bonding these ribs are right-angles to the centerboard.  I'll put in a 1/2" fillet at the base, which would have gone a long way towards durability on the original ribs.  Finally, I will cover them with a layer of 6 ounce fiberglass cloth.

I wish I could capture the smell of my barn in words...  Cutting cedar is a real sensory treat!

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