Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blush and Mosquitos

This almost-Fall shorter daylight hours thing is messing with my momentum.  Last night I managed to get all the first layer patches in place, but there were a few places I wanted to build up a little thicker laminate.  Unfortunately, about 75% of the way through cutting out the cloth the mosquitos came out.  And I mean, the whole mosquito air force.  It was brutal. Right about the time I was running out of daylight a dew fell pretty hard on the boat, wetting the cloth, and the surface I need to be clear.  Mother nature put a curfew on by boat works.  Got up early this morning and finished trimming patches, which only took a short time.

The only problem is that since the epoxy cured overnight, it has formed its layer of amine blush which needs to be removed with some warm water and a scrub brush prior to adding layers.  Because the interior of this boat has a mildly textured finish, it doesn't dry out that quickly.  This means that if I have time to get it scrubbed over lunch, it should be ready for lamination this evening.

I would have liked to be done with patching this morning so that I could work on the stringers tonight, but c'est la vie.  Its all about putting one foot in front of the other and making whatever progress can be made.

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