Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And So It Begins!

It really started last year...  Each year I've enjoyed sailing more than the past.  Last year when fall haul-out claimed my CS27, I found myself craving a sailing fix, but the best I could muster was sitting on shore staring out onto the water.

After a few conversations with The Guys at the yacht club I discovered that there a bunch of Lightnings lurking, and other folks interested in buying them.  That turned into a number of discussions about how fun it would be to have a boat I could dry sail in the off season (and during as well!).  It even evolved to how neat it would be resurrect a Lightning fleet at the club and do some racing.  The hook was set.

I started reading about Lightnings, and their history, which increased my interest.  One thing led to another, and suddenly I was monitoring Craigslist.  Before I knew it, I had found a boat.  The boat was located in Skaneateles NY, which is coincidentally the birth place of the Lightning Class.  Was it fate?  The survey was a very positive visit.  The boat certainly had some problems which needed attention, but it was overall very solid and well equipped.

The interior woodwork and trim is in rough shape, but enough is salvageable that I can use it for templates and make new fittings.  Most of the sailing hardware is in good condition, although there are a few pieces which will need replacement due to corrosion.  Some fiberglass work is needed, some lines need replacement, and the hull is ready for a paint job.  All in all, I believe I can perform some minor repairs, and get the boat on the water this fall if I'm gentle with her.

After some discussion, the owner and I agreed on a price.  I wasn't prepared with cash, or means to bring the boat home that day, so would need to make a return trip to bring the boat home.  This gave me time to dive head-first into learning about the boat I was purchasing.  Having never sailed in a Lightning, this is certainly a bit of blind faith.  A little faith goes a long way though, and so begins my journey with Lightning #10242.

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